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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, looking live right now at center city and another hot day in our area, and if we hit 09 we're officially in a heatwave. just how long those hot temperatures are expected to last, and just how humid is it? kyla will tell you. >> also, a touch for police to shut down funeral home in philadelphia. the disturbing things police found inside. >> and, some big news for parent, new jersey's new child passenger safety law it, goes into effect today. what you need to know when you're burke link up your kid. good morning, it is tuesday, september 1st, authorities made it through to september. i'm erika von tiehl. let's check in with kyla and meisha a it is hot inside the studio, i can't imagine
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outside. >> you can kind of feel it in the studio, can't you? kai last you got your work cut out for you today. it will be hot. >> yes, it will be hot, real dow feel that humidity. also though unfortunately have an air quality alert to talk about this morning, so sometime when you get this hot, humid air it, makes it difficult for those with respiratory problems, let's start you off. we have air quality alert, unhealthy for sensitive groups. so the elderly, the young, those are respiratory issues, great inside to stay inside in the air-conditioning today. we do have that to deal with. right now currently in center city see taking live look, 74 degrees, yes, wind just fine, but look at the humidity, 85%, 85%, folks, that's why you feel it instantly when you walk out the door. now, when you walk out the door, once the sun comes up, also going to see clear skies, live look at storm scan3 here, see it is just gorgeous out there. nice and clear, which means we'll see the sunshine, but it also means we will heat up quickly today. we won't have the cloud cover,
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expecting high of 93 today, 94 tomorrow, on thursday, 92. so take deep breath. we have some heat coming our way. you know, i can't tell you it is looking better for the weekends, i'll get more into that when we come back with your seven day forecast, but for now it is hot, hot, hot. that's what i've got. >> funny, you can feel it even inside the humidity. all right, kai last we'll put up with it for today. make it over the hump day. good morning, everyone, still very early, dark outside as you can see, still construction lingering around, one of the areas the schuylkill eastbound at passyunk where we did have the right lane closed because of some of the overnight construction, they have just cleared that out of the way. this is what you are looking at, looking pretty good. already seeing some movement out there. also, construction on interstate 95. this is 95 south, at woodhaven, see they are pulled all the way to the right lane. allowing some, you know, travel through, but i will let you know that as we progress through the morning, just doesn't get cleared out of the way quickly, will certainly cause some slow downs, 95
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typically does. one direction playing tonight at 7:00 p.m. at lincoln financial field. if you like little music, i know i certainly do. this is another area where we have some construction, 42 northbound, left lane blocked, one of the areas i keep my eye on in the morning for those you traveling around creek road approaching 295 because this is area that heats up fairly quickly, then we casino of see it staying off. just though there is construction in the area for those of you traveling in and around that area. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new morning, police officer in atlanta shot and critically wounded, it is believed the officer may have been responding to the wrong house during a burglary call. the officer's dog was shot and killed. the dekalb county police chief calling the shooting complicated also now asking the georgia bureau of investigation to step in and investigate. >> delaware county police officer shot in the chest now home from the hospital. credit his bulletproof vest for saving his life.
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ridley park police officer, mark hasn'tly, shot by suicidal man early sunday morning in norwood apartment complex. hanley says his department requires vests to be worn on duty, but not all officers do so, especially, in the summer. >> not the most comfortable thing. it is for lack of better term like wearing a girdle all day, and it is titan, you know, but it is therefore one reason and one reason only, to save your life so go home to your family at the end of the day. >> suspect in that shooting darryl bird is facing attempted murder charges. he is being held on $500,000 bail. >> officials file vehicular homicide and dui charges against man who police say hit and killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer and then fled the scene. police say suspect louise vogue al got out of his car after hitting officer lamar pool sunday in oxford circle, this edge got back in his car and sped away. he was apprehended less than a mile away. officer pool was a 18 year veteran of the force.
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>> a suspect wanted in the deadly hit-and-run of two year old boy is in philadelphia police custody this morning. twenty-two year old miguel cologne surrendered last night. police say cologne was behind the wheel after white infinity that hit 19 year old josephine riviera and her two year old son, david. this happened back in april, at mascher and lehigh in kensington. he was culled. riviera was hospitalized and later released. >> we have new information on horrific crash in ocean county, new jersey, that reportedly left mother and her two children in the hospital. an eyewitness tells the asbury press the woman was pushing two small children in a stroller, when they were struck on route nine, in lakewood. the driver did remain on the scene. police later towed his car. so far, no charges have been filed. >> happening today, funeral services will take place, this morning, for adam ward. ward is the virginia cameraman who was shot dead along with reporter alison parker last
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week. ward's viewing and funeral is taking place at the roanoke high school where he attended and also where he played football on two state championship teams. family and friends also held memorial service for alison parker, the reporter that was shot and killed. funeral services for park letter take place at a later date. >> a tip leads philadelphia police to decomposing bodies at what they say is a unlicensed funeral home. detective found the bodies in a garage at hawkins funeral services near 53rd and vine. they say one was in a coffin, two more were decomposing. the funeral director does have a license, but police say, the build something not supposed to have the funeral home. >> the conditions are deplorable, unacceptable behavior, these directors need to understand you need to be licensed and your parlor needs to be licensed and you should not be doing this because you are collecting monday up. >> i assured them i would follow through with them. >> "eyewitness news" has
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learned two bod wrist not embalmed. detective also say the temperature was much warmer than the required 40 degrees. >> in a separate case, three decomposing bodies found in a garage in strawberry mansion last week, that garage on west haggard street. police say the garage is own by nearby funeral home. the investigation continues. >> 4:37 right now. important note for parent. new jersey new child passenger safety law goes into effect today. the new rules are some of the most restrictive in the country when it come to how kids should be buckled up. governor christie signed that legislation in may. so here are new rules for you f birth to age two, child under 30 pounds must be in a rear facing carseat with a five-point harness f4 to eight, kids must stay in a carseat or booster seat in the back seat until they are at least eight years old or 57 inches tall. fines, also going up, rang interesting 50 to $75.
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>> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has hired scranton lawyer to help her deal with looming disciplinary matters. renounded trial attorney, gamesmen day, confirmed that kane has put him on retainer. however, would not comment on speculation that pennsylvania court officials are working to suspend kane's law license. kane is charged with leaking grand jury information, and then lying about it. she denies any wrong-doing. >> the state department has released more of hillary clinton's emails, from when she was secretary of state. the more than 7100 pages include staffers complaint on the limitations of using emails to discuss sensitive diplomatic matters. 125 of those emails were sensored prior to the release because they contain information now considered classified. >> new jersey governor, chris christie, meanwhile, he is thinking about taking a more aggressive approach during the next republican presidential debate. on late night tv show last night, christy said he is thinking of going quote
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nuclear if he's reel gale dollars to the side lines during the next gop face-off. chris tee's performance during the fox news debate was generally well received. but, frontrunner donald trump dominated coverage of the event. still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", there is new push to encourage businesses to stay open during the papal visit. how residents will know which stores and restaurant will be opening their doors to the public while the pope's in town. >> also, today is expected to be the official first day of our heatwave here. tika -- kyla has a check on
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>> welcome back, less than one month away from the papal visit. just 25 days until pope francis comes to town. the city of philadelphia is launching new pr campaign to encourage businesses to stay open during the papal visit. the campaign is called i'll be there. it includes posters, sticker stores can use, to indicate that they'll be open.
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wawa in center city among the business that is will be open during the papal visit. but, will not siting traffic restrictions, concerns over deliveries, the juice bar in the center city location will be close that week end. >> we have employees coming from outside of the city. we have employees traveling from different part of the city. it will t almost impossible for them to get here with the security. >> the city still expect about a million and a half people when the pope arrives. >> this is need. look up at your screen. >> this city in central mexico has turned into a giant mural. artists spent 14 months painting over 215,000 square feet of those homes in a neighborhood, isn't that neat to see? individually painted homes combine to form cohesive rainbow design, aimed at restoring the image of the neighborhood, also, giving unemployed youth temporary employment. >> judges beautiful. see that up close, wonder what's going on from the how
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the, and from a distance. >> just huge positive like ah, if you look along the scenery there. >> stunning. love that. >> well, conversely our forecast is less than beautiful. we don't blame you, it is not your fault, but the heat, humidity, air quality. >> it will be sun. >> i that helps. no rain? >> no rain. it is heat, heat, and more heat. here is the upside. steak a look at storm scan3, nice and clear, we'll see very blue skies today. you can see, not just in and around philadelphia, but as we look at the entire region, nice out there, very nice. but that is the upside we have going there. temperatures right now in philadelphia, 74 degrees, 72 in trenton, about 73 in atlantic city. mount pocono there, hanging on to the 60s, not many others are, take a look at your hour by hour forecast, you can see, that we are going to work/way up to about in the 90s today. so it will be warm, we are going to have the sunshine with us, and as we take a look here, we go forward, you can
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also see that it is going to be a bit of a hot day today. about 90 degrees yesterday. average 83, it was our 30th 90-degree day in 2015. but we are looking at another heatwave. we had 90's sunday, monday, now tuesday, wednesday, even thursday more heatwave days on the way. so today, mostly sunny, hot, humid. high of about 93 degrees. you can see getting muggy tonight, low of about 73. take a look at your seven day forecast, though, this is the tough time. it is going to be 09, guys, not just today, not just tomorrow, but also thursday, and you can see the peak of the heat on wednesday, high of about 94. we'll finally see the 80s rolling into friday, isolated thunderstorm possible there, too. for the weekends 80s looking much better, looking a lot more seen on recall, erika, little break coming taking it sweet time getting here. >> kai last thank you. talking sport, phillies take on the me again tonight in new
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york. last night strong start for rookie righthander jared, but the phils came up short. he was cruising along until the fifth inning when he allowed solo homerun to the mets, and two run shot to kurt ills. phils loaded the bases in the ninth. they could not get the runs they needed. mets with 13-one. >> the eagles are working on short week of practice. they play the jets in north jersey this thursday in the last time i believe the pre-season. offensive lineman lane johnson number 65 hurt his knee in the greenbay game last saturday. but the team says he should be fine. kicker code ' marquis is nursing a injury, but the birds brass say he'll be okay. kick owe was the scratch with a knee injury. coach kelsey not sure fell ' play against the jets. >> would you like to see kik play thursday night? >> evaluate everybody after tuesday's session, and make a
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determination what we will do. not if i want someone, it is what someone can go. >> and the eagles have more cuts coming up. they did make the first rounds sunday. kinny was the quarterback trying to make the team as a wide receiver. right now the birds roster stands at 78 players. they need to cut three more players before 4:00 this afternoon. we'll let you know what happens tonight. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", samsung hoping to take another swipe at apple sales. we'll tell you about the new product they're unveiling, first, what's coming under tonight on cbs-3. my name's hillary. i was born on september 11, 2001. i know a lot of people who go to my school and lost their parents or other family members in 9/11. i would hope people can realize how much the world has grown. doing something good makes me realize
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i have the power to change things. this 9/11 day, remember to do one good deed.
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>> headlines this morning, police office nerve atlanta is shot and critically woundedment it is believed the officer may have been responding to the wrong house during a burglary call. officer's dog was shot and killed. also, a tip leads
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philadelphia police to decomposing bodies at what they say is an unlicensed funeral home. detective found the bodies in a garage at hawkins funeral services near 53rd and vine. they say, one was in a coffin, two more were decomposing. two bodies were not embalmed. the temperature was much higher than the required 40 degrees. new jersey new child passenger safety law goes into effect today. the new rules are some. most restrictive in the country when it comes to how kids should be buckled up. governor christie signed this legislation in may. >> right now, 4:49. business news with hena daniels. hoping for better day on wall street today. good morning. >> good morning, erika, that's absolutely right. see if september can ring in turn around for stocks. it was down day on wall street yesterday. to finish the month of august, the dow saw it worse month since 2010, losing 127-point. and the nasdaq finished
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51-point lower. more than 200,000 jeep cherokees are being recalled because of the windshield wipers can stop working. the problem exists in 2014 model year cherokees, the company says, static build up can potentially disable the module that powers these wipers. erika? >> also, hearing sam song making another effort to take on apple. they have a new product they're unveiling. what can you tell us? >> this is interesting. samsung says introduce new smart watch there is thursday, the new watch called the gear s2. it is equipped with 3g connective at this and comes in a sporty and more traditional style. samsung says the battery life is two, three days, there is no price point for this product just yet. we'll wait and see. coming up on your break, another check on traffic and weather t
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>> late show debuts in one week, right here on cbs-3. we have more information on those guests stopping by for the first few shows, announced jake will visit on september 15th. kevin spacey and carol burnette, also guests the next day. and, oscar winning actress, lupita, helps wrap up september 18th. great line up. fun start in just seven days, immediately following "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. >> right now, 4:53. we want to check in with meisha with a check on the roads. good morning. good morning, it is tuesday, still dark out there, still very early. but the one good news about maybe the fall, slowly starting to roll in, some of the construction project start to less and cents we move through the fall area, 95 southbound at woodhaven, the right lane, as you can see, is blocked, this is where we have some active construction, a lot of the overnight project are just now starting to lift.
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area where we have seen a list, vine between broad street and 23rd. right lane was block, that is now since been cleared, you can see, just very light volume levels on the vine, we love course see that change, as we move into the 5:00 hour. johnson highway is closed at plymouth township, by the way, closed new hope street in both directions for those of in you and around this area, make note that far, also an area that's clear, 42 freeway northbound creek road. where we had overnight construction, as women. that's now since been cleared for those of you traveling from jersey, and then the fun stuff, one direction, concert tonight at 7:00 p.m. at lincoln financial field. so, all good in the world of traveling around, kai last i know in the weather department you are bus which all of the humidity rolling on in. >> yep, i can imagine people in their cars have their air-conditioning on already. >> i'm sure they do, already, yes. you will want to keep it there, too. unfortunately another hot one here. it is a string of heat,
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sunday, monday, we'll exceed 90 degrees. that causes few problems. let's look at your health report. usually see one, two of these maybe in orange or red. air quality, is unhealthy for those who have respiratory problems. political pollen level is high. the heat index, as well, meaning, you need to take extreme caution today. so a day to take it easy. temperatures and the region see in the poconos, 61 degrees, 74 in philadelphia, and about 73 in atlantic city. so again, seeing the 70s early. notice the dew point here in the upper 60s. so upper 60s for dew point, two numbers close together mean saturated air, lot of moisture out there, why when i walked outside i thought oh, no, i think i need another shower already. you feel t today see 93 degrees in philadelphia, 86 at the shore, that's kind of nice beach day out there. poconos, 84 degrees. everybody warming up. set to continue after today. want to come back in a few
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moment, erika, we will track about just how long this will last, get into little weekend forecast. >> being look forward to it already. thanks so much. checking stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. the center for disease control and prevention says, cigarette smoking rate dropped again this past year, pennsylvania state senator want to permanently legalize transportation companies like uber and lift throughout the commonwealth including philadelphia. and, part of the excite many of the pope's visit to philadelphia is the way they interact with crowdsment professional speechwriters say there is a spontaneous feel to a communication, check in two, three, four times a day, kyw1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up: david letterman back in front of camera. we'll tell you why he was walking the red carpet and if he plans to watch the new late show with steven cobert. flight forced to lands with escort, and this model, she is to blame. her strange demands during the
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it is the start of september, but, summer oh, it is hanging on. a live look right here at center city where temperatures are expected to top the 90s again, making this the fifth heatwave of the summer. >> good morning, it is tuesday, september 1st, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with kyla and meisha checking on things this morning, oh, the humidity ladies, watch out. good morning. >> yes, it is big hair day. >> it is, right? i know, i have my can of hair spray sitting right over here with my coffee already. roads are looking pretty good. construction, more of the weather department. tell us what's going on out there? >> what's going on out there, heat, heat, more heat. we have 90's expected today, again, also, tomorrow, not going to be the weekend until we see real break. avenue idea here to help you get little perspective. fall countdown, six days until
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labor day, 22 days fall begins, 60 days until halloween, start picking out your costume, everybody. that's right. we're going to go through daylight saving time in 61 days. soap, just to let you know, if you're feeling the heat, this isn't going to be around forever. in fact, we will be talking about oh, i'm sure, before we want to be. so right now though it is nice, 74 in recalled if, 72 atlantic city, 68 allentown, 67 in lancaster, dew points are up there. we are feeling the heat. and it is going to be a sunny day, which means, no clouds to protect us today, we're roaring right into the 90's, and i think it will happen a lot quicker than it did yesterday. will this stick around? yes. it will stick around for good portion of your week, there is a break coming, it is toward the weekends, we will talk about that, want to come back in just a few moment, meisha, a over to you. >> we love to hear that a break is coming and right over the hump day which is so nice, too. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you, still early, kind of what you're contending with on this stretch. this is


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